Custom Crush

Custom Crush

Entering the wine industry presents several options, all of which involve a hefty weight of regulatory and financial responsibilities. Napa Wine Company is a facility that has the capability to carry some of that weight as a custom crush operation. With the highly skilled staff at Napa Wine Company and multitude of equipment available, NWC offers services from the grape to the bottle and everything in-between. Napa Wine Company provides the ability for start-up wineries to develop and establish their brands, as well as established brands to grow.

Custom Crush


At Napa Wine Company, we specialize in custom crush operations, working with our clients and their winemakers to crush, ferment, age and bottle their wines. Here is a menu of the services we provide.


  • Mechanical & Manual Berry Sorting
  • Standard Crush
  • Crush for Juicing/Must Chill
  • Bladder Presses with Whole Cluster Options for Whites
  • Barrel Fermentation
  • Irrigator or Hand Pump-Overs
  • Certified Weigh Masters

Winemaking/Tank Storage

  • Temperature-Controlled Stainless Storage
  • Lees Filtration
  • Additions
  • Racking
  • Blending
  • Fining
  • Heat & Cold Stabilization
  • Pressure Leaf Filtration
  • Plate & Frame Filtration
  • Cross Flow Filtration
  • MicroFlex Filtration

Barrel Storage

  • New Barrel Preparation
  • Temperature-Controlled Barrel Aging
  • Barrel Fermentation
  • General Barrel Services (Topping, Racking, Additions)


  • Screw-Cap Bottling Capability


  • We are equipped with Chemwell, Admeo, Astoria Pacific, Alcolyzer, DMA, Thermo Orion, Hach, Check Stab and Invisible Science.

  • Brix/Specific Gravity/Temp. Monitor Fermentaion Progress at the tanks, bins and barrels
  • Free SO2, Total SO2, VA, Titratable Acid, pH and Alcohol
  • Heat, Cold Stability and Conductivity
  • Ammonia and YAN (Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen). Remove NH3
  • Emzymatic Gluc/Fruc and Malate
  • O2-Dissolve Oxygen in wine
  • CO2 in wine
  • Bottling QA/QC
  • Routine Wine/Lot Maintenance
  • PCA for Brettanomyces detection
  • Various Bench Trials
  • Vineyard Sample Analysis (Brix, pH and TA)


  • Custom Packaging
  • Package Consulting


  • General TTB/ABC
  • Wine Tracking/Reporting
  • Label Registration/COLA

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Custom Crush


Located in the heart of Napa Valley, our conveniently-located Oakville winery combines history with state-of-the-art systems and equipment. The winery was painstakingly renovated when our family acquired it in 1993, and since then we have worked continuously to modernize and invest in the latest winemaking technologies under the guidance of Director of Winemaking Kristi Koford and her experienced staff. Today, our 10,000-ton capacity facility combines scale, precision and flexibility, with the ability to accommodate clients of nearly any type and size.

Bonded Winery # 9

The story of this incredible & historical facility begins back in 1877, when two Frenchmen, Jean Adolphus Brun and Jean Chaix built the 9th bonded winery in California, Brun & Chaix Nouveau Medoc Winery. Overtime, this facility was owned by Inglenook, then Heublein. One of the buldings witho the facility was once owned by the Bartolucci family too.

The Pelissa family added this extraordinary property to their holdings in 1993, naming it Napa Wine Company, as a custom crush facility. The winery, under every ownership, never lost its bonded number, making it the only single digit bonded winery (#9) left in California. We are proud stewards of this history and legacy.

Facility Highlights

  • Crush pad can receive harvested fruit in most ways associated with wine grape production
  • Ultra Premium Sorting System coupled with LeTrieurâ„¢ designed by P&L Specialties
  • Red tank fermentation ranges in size from 6 to 60 tons in capacity; white tank fermentation ranges in size from 5 to 150 tons
  • Wine presses with CIP (clean in place) systems
  • Gravity-flow design and equipment facilitates hand-sorting, whole cluster pressing and other techniques used to make luxury wines
  • Two state-of-the-art bottling lines facilitate the highest detail in packaging as well as screw cap capability
  • State-of-the-art lab with automated assays
  • Vintrace cloud-based winery management software to facilitate wine tracking